BE DYNAMIC 10-4-10




Are you looking for a way to get NEW EXERCISES that are EASY TO PERFORM and will assist you in INCREASING FLEXIBILITY?Antigo Fire Department

Then BE DYNAMIC 10-4-10 is here for you! With 10 programs of 10 movements completed in 10 minutes, the BE DYNAMIC 10-4-10 will give you 100 various exercises you can do with all you need to BE BETTER. The BE DYNAMIC 10-4-10 is easy to follow videos that you push play and move along with so you can start training to BE DYNAMIC in fun and enjoyable ways.

Join Captain Jordan Ponder, National Speaker and BE DYNAMIC TRAINING Creator as well as special guest Firefighter Brandon Green, owner of Pulse Fitness in Baraboo, WI, as they coach you through easy to perform yet highly beneficial mobility and flexibility drills so you can BE PREPARED, BE MOBILE and BE RESTORED in a way that will support you to BE A BETTER YOU!


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